Why Exercise at Home? Let Us See Why

Why Exercise at Home? Let Us See Why

Exercise is a very important element of our existence. There is saying that I always remember from my college days –“When we start moving we start living.” What happens to our body if we do not exercise for days? I do feel very lazy if. My sleep is no good and leaves me feeling weak and unfit. On the other side, what happens when you exercise? I feel my energy up and my blood running all over and waking up every cell of my body.

But what do we do when we are too busy and don’t have the luxury of the time or budget to go to a gym? Depending on what we want to do, you can always find good fitness exercises at home. Trust me. I have been doing this almost all my life.

Yoga exercise at home

Why Exercise?

If you got to this point, then you are probably searching answers why exercise is important for you?

I’ve got a few things that I have experienced and achieved when I did my exercise regularly:

Revive You Energy

I was amazed how energized I felt when I started exercising. It has affected my
whole being. One example is, now I could run up and down the stairs no problem at all. No fear, no hesitation. Before then, I was being careful not to hurt my knees and ankles when I do this. To be honest, after dancing extensively for over a decade then deciding to stop due to financial circumstances and career preferences, my body has become weak. My stamina and energy levels have gone down. To add to that, I have just turned 40. I really thought my body had given up on me. But things have changed, now I feel active and stronger again. When I dance or run or doing any activity involving much lower body parts, I feel more muscle support in my joints in my legs and feet.

Physical Change

Exercise encourages weight loss which will prevent you from lower body joint problems. The more you lose weight, the more you will feel better and lighter with your body. It gets you away from the risk many health problems related to excessive weight such as heart disease and diabetes to name a few.

Aside from losing weight, exercise will also tone your muscles and help create a better and stronger posture preventing back and muscular pain. As a result, you’ll have much more energy as your muscles will be able to function properly.

Makes You a Clever and Happier You

Exercise not only gives us the opportunity to look good and feel good physically. It does so much for our brain making us happier and better at decision-making. While we are exercising, our brain is also working hard on producing some chemicals that are beneficial for us. Here are some of them:

Endorphins — helps us to feel good as it reduces the symptoms of depression. It also, more importantly, reduces the perception of pain so eventually if we Exercise for the brainkeep exercising we become more tolerant to pain. When we master this we will be able to exercise longer than before. It’s like being in the zone. When I was in high school my teacher told us about this. When athletes are in the zone, it’s like everything stops. They don’t feel anything anymore. All the matters is to win the game.

When I do my most difficult Yoga pose like the squat and twist, I found it really difficult to hold. And the more I did it, the more it became easier it was. The more I get the motivation to continue and do more.

Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine — are neurotransmitters that are responsible for our keeping our levels of motivation, suppressing symptoms of depression and improving our focus and concentration. There are days when we feel lazy and less motivated to do things. We kept postponing our exercise schedule and the more we do that, the more chances that it is not going to happen. Then we have a greater chance of getting depressed problems occur because we are not able to think well.

I have this trick I do when my brain tries to avoid exercise. Talking to myself — okay let’s do just 15 minutes. And when I start getting warmed up and sweaty, I find it hard to stop anymore as I can already feel the benefits.

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor 9BDNF)- is responsible for our brain health and memory. When we exercise, it encourages blood flow to the part of the brain that has the BDNF and enhances our learning and memory capacity. I notice that I remember things better now that I exercise regularly.

Time and Money Savings

If you are a busy person, you probably prefer doing your exercise at home. First, you save time. Second, you save money.

Most gym operates on membership packages that get you to pay weekly orsave-time-for-money
monthly regardless of how many times you go to the gym or even if you don’t show up, you would still have to pay for the full amount. That’s clever business tactics, right? Well, you can’t blame them.

How many of us have had this experience? We started really good for a few months then we got busy at work or something came up then we stopped going. Of if you are like me, you went away for work and holiday then you came back sick. Then when you got well you had so much work to do that you’re not able to go workout in the gym again.

On a busy day when you only have an hour to exercise, you probably decide not to go. And if it happens on most days in the week or month (which is very true as far as my experience is concerned) then, there is no point getting the membership. That’s money that has gone out of the window.

Also, if you are a bit of a social butterfly, you’ll be talking to a few people at the gym, taking out a bit of your gym time. So you have less time and less exercise. No good.

Do it with Family

One very good thing to do when exercising at home is getting your family involved. It is important to show your kids the value of exercise and get them to start doing it while their young to get it into their habits. It will be very inspiring and fun to have them do it.
exercise with daughter

How to Make it Effective

Consistency is the key to making your exercise at home effective. You have to pick your favorite time and place and stick with it so it becomes second nature. I usually do it first thing in the morning when I get up. That way I can prepare my brain and body well for the activities for the day. You should try that too. It does not have to be a long routine. You can start just 15 minutes and gradually increase it over time. I do 45 minutes to an hour yoga and stretching. As I feel the benefits of it, I get more inspired to do more.

Types Of Exercises

You can do many forms of fitness exercises at home. My personal favorite is Yoga and stretching. It is low impact and I do not have to use any tools aside from my mat. I can do it any time of the day and do not need a lot of space.

If you like cardio or aerobic exercises you can do walking, jogging or if you like to dance, you can do Zumba to get you grooving. It will increase your heart rate and breathing and eventually improve your overall fitness.

With resistance training or strength training, you will need props to get
successful. You can buy weights and resistant bands or you could even use your own body weight.

Balance exercise is a perfect low impact and gentle exercises like Tai Chi and Yoga. This is great for improving lower body strength especially the elders.
yoga exercise at home

This one of my favorite– flexibility training. Yoga is a combination of many of the different types of exercises. Balancing, stretching and strength training. You could also make a cardio yoga my doing fast transitions that will raise your heart rate and breathing.

Your Choice

So what have you decided to do? Take your time in making your choices. In the end, it is up to you which exercise to choose and whether to do it at home or in the gym. Budget is the most convincing factor why I choose to do it at home. With my busy schedule, I had 2 gym memberships that I wasted halfway through my contract. The main things are we are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, and still have a bit of time for ourselves and family. When we are healthy, we are happy.



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  1. That’s a lot of helpful info, thanks! I started weight-training recently but Yoga seems to have lots of benefits so I’ll try it out.

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