How to Start Yoga at Home Safely

How to Start Yoga at Home Safely

How to do yoga at home

Yoga is one of the most efficient and most inexpensive fitness workouts for busy people who do not have a budget and the luxury of the time and to go to a gym. In this article, I will be discussing a plan on how to start yoga at home at your most convenient time.

Is a good idea to have these things in place first before getting into it, so you do not get disappointed or distracted during your practice. It is my goal to help you start your home yoga workout correctly.

Select a location

Getting started with yoga is one of the hardest decisions to make. There are lots of reasons why one keeps on postponing starting a home yoga workout. One of these is finding an excellent location at home.

It is ideal to have an even floor — a wooden surface where you can do your practice. Wood should be sturdy enough to keep balance and perform your poses but pliable for comfort. It is also easier to clean after a sweaty workout. Alternatively, if you do not have a suitable wooden floor, a carpeted floor area would be a possible space as long as the material is not so thick that it will affect your balance especially standing yoga poses.

As you would be lying on the floor, make sure your clean and sanitize the area properly. If you have a dust allergy, a carpeted floor would probably be not a good choice as you would be breathing close to it most of the time.

Also, doing your practice near a wall which you can touch on the side is a good support especially when performing one-legged standing yoga balancing poses.

Yoga Props Accessories

Prepare your Props

Yoga Mat — This is the number 1 must have for your home yoga workout. Depending on how hard your flooring is and depending on how to think your mat is, your have might use two mats on top of the other for comfort, but not too thick to affect your balance on standing poses.

Yoga Bricks or thick towel or pillow– Yoga brick is an essential prop, especially for beginners. It is a light foam in a shape of a block. Some poses will be challenging because of our level of flexibility. And to ease the discomfort, a brick would be very helpful to maintain the posture successfully. Alternatively, a thick folded towel or a pillow could be handy in the absence of a foam yoga brick.

Chair — A chair is not a typical Yoga prop. I have just included this because this is something we can hold on to in some balancing poses. Although I have mentioned the wall above, a sturdy chair is something that we can move now and then if we need to.

Focus and Concentration is the Key

Relaxing YogaConcentration and focus is also another integral part of yoga practice. Make sure you find a time when no one is going to distract you. If you have family members at home, let them know not to bother you for the next hour. If possible, find a space in the house that is isolated from all the noises.

Instructional Video

Pay attention to the audio and video. You should be able to hear the instruction loud enough, so you do not miss any vital information from the video. Following visual on the video is not enough. There will be times when you need to look away from the video to check yourself. It is essential that you start things the right way, so you do not develop problems or injuries in the long run.

A little important tip.  In any physical or kinetic activities where muscle memory is involved, learning new things is much easier than undoing old habits.

If you are using a book as a guide, it is nice to have little inspiring Yoga music in the background. Soothing music can be a source of inspiration that will keep you in the zone and help you get through your practice. You can use a portable Bluetooth speaker and connect it to your mobile phone, iPad or computer to play your favorite music. Choose instrumental music so that the lyrics of the song does not distract your concentration.

Practice Proper Breathing

One significant aspect of yoga is breathing. When we are panicking or nervous in a stressful or difficult situation, what do we do? We stop breathing, or we go into shallow and fast breathing. Yoga is very helpful in training us to breathe deep and calmly in those kinds of situations. As one of my Yoga teachers said if we cannot breathe comfortably in a Yoga pose, how can we breathe calmly in a stressful situation?

Yoga Breathing

Yoga Breathing Exercises Beginners

To prepare for this follow this step by step practice:

1. Sit in your most comfortable seating position with your back straight. If you are having a hard keeping your posture straight, then do this by seating in front of a wall to support your back. Place your back flat on the wall including your shoulders. The back of your head should be touching the wall too.

2. Close your eyes and focus your mind paying attention to your breathing. Closing your eyes will help your concentrate more avoiding visual distraction.

3. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose. Breathe slowly and expand your tummy when inhaling and contract when exhaling. Watch that you do not lift your shoulder when breathing in and out.

4. Take four counts during inhalation and another four during exhalation. Try to maintain the same rhythm all through this practice.

Selecting a Yoga Video

When selecting an instructional video, choose the one designed for beginners. You do not want to be doing an advanced routine as this may result in not being able to follow the routine and eventually lose interest in the activity. The worse part is getting injured during practice.

Additionally, a yoga instruction manual or book would also be a good choice as it would have more valuable details. Most instructional books would have important “points to watch” for every pose so your efficiently getting the benefits of the practice and avoid getting hurt.

Yoga Warm Up Poses

Yoga Warm Up

It is advisable for any physical activity to have proper preparation. A warm-up for Yoga practice does not have to be necessarily a yoga pose, especially if you have not done yoga before. You could do a 10 to 15 walks or jogging around the house or jumping jack in place. This activity is done is to warm the body in preparation for your Yoga practice.

When you have already done a few practices, then you can use some basic Yoga poses for warm up.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Eventually, when you have the budget, it is advisable to have a mirror in your yoga practice area. This way you can check yourself once in a while, making sure you are doing the right shape. Often, what we feel is not what we do. What I mean is, as an example — when you are doing a pose, sometimes you would think that your back is straight when it is not (when you check in the mirror). It happens to me often. Trust me, a mirror is an honest Yoga companion.

Do This Before You Start Your Practice

There you go, hope you find this helpful in getting you to start a yoga practice at Home and relaxinghome. Take your time in getting these things organized as this will help your success in becoming a better you. It is not difficult to do this. Just one step at a time. Once you found your space, gather your props and stock them in one place so you do not have to look around when you need them. Practice your breathing properly and when you are confident with it, now you are ready to begin your Yoga journey.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. If you have any comment, please leave a message below.


22 Replies to “How to Start Yoga at Home Safely”

  1. This is a really in depth article man, that’s awesome. Really a lot of good info here. Yoga is so good food for you. Besides the fact that’s it’s actually great exercise, it also helps to reduce stress and increase bloodflow which is definitely important. Would you say that it takes a long time to be able to do some of the more advanced moves though?

    1. Yes it is true, the building foundation of yoga is very important. One should never rush to try doing advanced moves until the basic ones are perfected. In essence, it’ll be easier the do advance moves when you’ve strengthen the foundation poses.

      Hope you come and visit my site again. Thank you for your time Jasmere.

  2. Namaste Brian,

    Great post. Very thorough. I go to yoga classes weekly and love it. I also do some yoga at home but don’t use a video but do have music.

    Your tips are great and you cover everything. I do love my special yoga music that keeps me centred and in the present moment. This is a great post for anyone starting a practice at home. Thanks so much for this, Cheers,


  3. Great article. Very informative. I have been doing yoga myself for years and I have never regretted it. Some great tips on how to get started and how to improve current yoga practices here. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your comment Jacob. Appreciate it. I will writing more articles in the future and it excites me thinking of that.

    1. It is a very good exercise Fred. You should try it one day. You have nothing to lose. I love doing it that is why I want to share to all those who want to do Yoga.

      Thank you for your message. I appreciate it.


  5. Hi Brian,

    Great article I really enjoyed reading the various tips and strategies required to make yoga work for even a complete beginner such as myself (the breathing techniques and how you took the time will be a huge help no doubt)

    I was always curious, what’s your thoughts on power yoga versus traditional Yoga?

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thank you for your time to comment on my blog. I find the two to be very interesting and beneficial. I do both at home depending on how busy I am and how much time I’ve got. I mostly do my traditional yoga poses in when I want to meditate and workout or should I say “workin” in a deeper level. I do power yoga for strength and stamina training and to burn more calories after lots of eating.

      Thanks again.


  6. I enjoyed reading this very much. I have spinal stenosis from osteoarthritis. My doctor recommended that I do some low impact exercises to strengthen my core. He said it won’t cure me but it may keep me from needing surgery. He suggested yoga. Can you recommend any good yoga videos that would help. I’m 64 years old, in pretty decent shape for my age, but have lost a lot of my flexibility. Any recommendations you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Don,

      There are quite a lot of online yoga sites you can find online. Make sure you find one with reputable and experienced teachers. I usually go to With your situation, I would recommend going to a yoga studio and do it with a teacher so you know which moves and poses you and you can’t do. You do not want to hurt your back. When You get better at it, then you can practice at home. Let me know how you go.

      Thanks a lot for reading my blog and leaving your comments.

    1. Thank you Delores. Yes I am writing my article according to hoe I started my practise. Just simple and nothing complicated.


  7. Hi Brian and thank you for the great information. I haven’t done yoga in a while now, but should start up again. It’s harder to master than I originally thought. But very relaxing.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I stopped exercising as well before. I did a lot of stretching and breathing exercises most of them similar to yoga. It was hard to startin all over again and get better at it. But my motivation was my health and goal of becoming the healthy me that I used to be.

      Thank you for your message.


  8. Great tips here. My partner wants to start yoga but can’t seem to find a good tutorial. You have absolutely KILLED it with this article. I’m not really a “warm-up” type of person but if I start doing it with my partner I will definitely do it since it’s so important. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be back for more.

    1. Thank you for your moment Brandon. Warm up is very important to prepare the body from the activity. It will prevent you from hurting yourselves in the process. I will reviewing some online Yoga sites soon. So if you may, please come and visit my site next time.


  9. I have never done Yoga practice because I think that it is an expensive activity.
    Now, I think that I will try to do Yoga practice at home with my wife.
    Thank you for your awesome article.

    1. Hi Eli, yes you should try doing it with your wife. It will be fun and will be a really good bonding session for the two of you. And it will also be inexpensive to do it at home. Just a word of caution to choose the right instructional medium to use.

      Let me know how you go.


  10. These are great tips. I didn’t think about carpet affecting balance if it is too thick.

    I enjoy stretching and gentle exercise and sometimes I wonder how similar it is to yoga. I have often wondered if I should try yoga. I cannot do really strenuous exercise but I also cannot do anything that puts pressure or weight on my hips or knees since I have chronic bursitis. I am sure there are still enough other things I could do to make it work however. I would rather try it at home than in a class for that reason to get an idea of what I can and can’t do.

    I can see how a quite, uninterrupted space and time are important also.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jessica. Yes, That is why I like doing yoga at home. I can modify my moves the way I like it. I also do yoga on a chair with my friends who have knee problems. Yoga on water is very good too. You should try it. 🙂 🙂

      Thanks again.

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