Easy Yoga Warm Up For Beginners. You Can Do This.

Easy Yoga Warm Up For Beginners. You Can Do This.

As promised in my previous article, here is my Yoga warm up sequence for beginners. One that is very easy to do and follow. Remember this is an introduction to your practice at home and the very first part of your yoga routine before you get into big moves and poses. Some of the poses could be a little uncomfortable or difficult for some of us. I made some modifications to make it easier and at the same time still beneficial to everyone.

The warm up starts with breathing which is the essential part of the warm up followed by child’s pose. Then we proceed with a more active warm up — the balancing cat and the plank. I’ll follow it with an active yoga warm up stretch for the back — the cat and cow and then a Yoga crunch.

Cross-Legged Sitting Position


Before you start anything, it is important to clear your mind and focus on the present by creating awareness to your body and your breathing.

Sit with your knees hip-width apart with your seating bones and hips resting on your ankles. Just breathe here letting the air in and out of your nose. Just focus your attention to your breath and as you exhale release any tensions you feel in your body. Let it melt through your breath. Take about 10 to 15 deep slow breaths here and then proceed to the next pose.

Child Pose

Walk your hands forward and slowly bring your upper body down until your arms are fully stretched above your head keeping your seating bone resting on your ankles. For some of us, it will lift a little and that s alright for now. Rest your forehead on the floor and continue breathing. Take 5 slow breaths here.

Table Top

Start in table top yoga pose with your hands and knees on the floor. Hands under your shoulder and knees under your hips. Remember this pose as this will be your starting point for all the poses. Watch that you are lifting and pushing your weight away from the floor. Suck your tummy in and avoid arching your back.

For some people, this pose could hurt the knee especially if the mat is not thick enough. You can place an extra mat on top of your current one to create comfort for the knee or a thick folded blanket or a cushion.

Table Top

Balancing Cat

Now lift and extend your left leg to the level of your upper body. Flex your ankle and push your heel away from our hips. From here lift and extend your right arm to the same level as your upper body and keep reaching forward. Here you have two opposing energy from your hips.

Keep your left arm pushing away from the floor and your core activated. Look down to the top of your mat and bring your right ear close to your extended arm to keep the back of your neck straight. This way you don’t build tension on your neck.

Take five slow breaths here. Then repeat on the other side.


If the above pose is too difficult for you. You can keep the extended arm low with hands or fingertips lightly touching the floor to help you with balance.

The Plank

Go back to your starting pose. From here, extend your knees one at a time tuck your ankles and lift your hips away from the floor. Your goal is to keep the legs in line with your upper body without lifting or dropping your hips.

Keep pushing away from the floor making sure you are not sinking on the shoulders. Activate your tummy and leg muscles.



If this pose is hurting your wrist, you can bring your elbow down right under your shoulders and bring close hands close to each other in a fist or clasp them together to create a strong foundation.

If this is still too heavy for you, bring your knees down and rest it on the floor. As you build your strength you will eventually be able to do this with ease. Take five controlled breaths here.

Modified Plank

Cat and Cow

This is one a more dynamic pose. Move slowly and smoothly with your breath here. From your starting pose (table top), inhale while gradually arching your back and lifting your heart to the sky. Next, exhale and slowly curving your back and look to your tummy. Squeeze your tummy.

Watch that while doing both actions, you continue pushing away from the floor and keep the breathing smooth as possible. Take five sets of these movements.

Cat and Cow (on inhale)
Cat and Cow (on exhale)

The Crunch

By this time you should be warmed up. Yoga crunch is optional if you need more time to get ready. This will definitely get things cooking.

Do this as slow and as smooth as possible. Tuck your tummy in to protect your back. On an inhale, extend your right leg higher than your hips (make sure it is a comfortable height) while left arm extends the opposite direction.  Exhale, bend your knee and bring it close to your chest. Perform this 5 times on both sides.

Watch that you keep pushing away from the floor.

The Crunch (on inhale)
The Crunch (on exhale)


If you want an easier version of this, you can just extend the leg level with your hips with arms extended with fingertips touching the floor to aid with balance. You could also just keep your arm under your shoulders.


There you go, that is my Yoga warm up sequence that I have been using for many years. As you can see, I started with steady poses first and then moved onto a more dynamic pose and movement. Follow this sequence to achieve the benefits of your yoga practice.

Now you are ready to go to a full Yoga workout at your favorite place, anytime at home. Remember to take it easy and slow on your first time. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to leave a message below.





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