Best Yoga Props Don’t Have To Be Expensive. I’ll Show You.

Best Yoga Props Don’t Have To Be Expensive. I’ll Show You.

Have you decided to do Yoga finally? If so, good on you. Now I know you are looking for affordable and cheap yoga props to complement your practice. The main thing you will need a nice comfortable yoga mat. Other props you may need are yoga brick, blanket, bolster and a cushion but some of them you can substitute. I wrote this article for your benefit and for others who want to have a go with yoga. Even though you are just to try out this type of exercise, it’s always good to keep in mind your safety in your practice.

This is going to be a list of the most basic list of props you will need in your practice.

Yoga Mats

The mat is the most basic prop you need to have in your practice. Its sizes may vary from around 24″(182cm) long X 24″ (60cm) wide. There are also wider mats depending on one’s requirement at about 36″(91.44cm).

Why do we use mats? Oftentimes we don’t have many options where we can practice. If the floor is dirty, dusty or slippery. Who you wanna call??? Ghostbuster!!! Just kidding. Of course your first Yoga companion — the mat. It is your barrier between you and the floor in case it’s a bit dirty or dusty. We may not always have the time to wipe or sanitize the surface, so the mat will be your shield. If you are germ freak, then the mat is your best friend.

Most of all, it is there to give you comfort. Seating or lying down on a hard and cold floor or pavement is not a very nice experience at all. It will also keep you safe on balance poses keeping steady if the floor is slippery. The mat is there to create a pleasant and safe experience in your yoga practice.

I have done some research on Yoga mats prices online to give you an idea:


You can’t afford it? Or you’ve ordered your Yoga mat online and you can’t wait to start your practice. Well, there is an answer to that. You can use a blanket or a towel to start with. You just have to be careful not to do the balancing poses as

you will be prone to slips or fall. Try to keep as close to the floor as possible. Do the seating or kneeling poses.

Yoga Brick or Block

Why do you need a yoga brick? As beginners, we will be challenged and faced with the fact that our flexibility and balance is undeveloped. Even with my experience as a dancer myself, I was hoping to be good at balancing on one leg. Sad to say that I disappointed myself.

The brick will help you get through those poses where you cannot reach or hold on to the floor because of limited flexibility. It could also be a pose where you need stability and balance.

The brick could be made in different materials depending on uses. Some materials are made soft and light and some are made heavier depending on the purpose.

Here are some sample prices for yoga bricks online:


If you cannot afford a brick, you can use a small cardboard box at home. You can fill it with clothe or a heavier material to give it a bit of weight. Also, you can also wrap with your favorite colored paper if you like being fashionable.


The blanket is very useful to add elevation when in seated poses. It will serve as a cushion and elevation to make you comfortable in pose and achieve a better posture. Seating on a folded blanket will get you a little elevation to ease the tightness in the hips. You could also use it as an extra cushion when doing shoulder stand or elbow stand. The nice thing about a blanket is you can fold it in many ways to achieve the right height you need. Sometimes while doing practice and the temperature gets cold especially when you get to the end — the corpse pose, it is handy to have it on the side and grab it for some swarm cover.


If you live in a country where you have cold seasons like Australia, I am very sure you’ll have a thick blanket. This is a good alternative if you can’t afford to buy one online. It will pretty much serve the same purpose. If you are not very picky, then you’ll be fine with this.

You could also use a thick beach or an ordinary thick towel. Make sure you use the one with softer cotton material so it does not hurt or scratch your skin in some poses where your skin will be directly in contact with pressure.


Why do we use a bolster for yoga practice? It is a very good for elevation to open up some body parts like chest and hips or creating more comfort in some poses like seating. What I like about it is its versatility. I could sit on it like a cushion, or place it as a hip elevator in a seating meditation position.


In the absence of a bolster, a folded thick towel or blanket will do the trick.


A cushion or pillow is what we sit on during a meditation seating position. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Many companies have also created products on different materials that suit one’ requirement. This is very helpful in making our seat comfortable in a cross-legged especially if the floor is hard and the mat is not thick enough or more importantly if you have tightness in the hips. A slight elevation will help so much in the practice.

Yoga Outfit

It is important to remember to dress up properly when practicing. A stretch Yoga clothing that comfortably allows you to navigate from one pose to another is ideal. My preference is always a slight body-hugging stretch clothing so I can check that my pose in the alignment. If we practice in a warm environment is it advisable to wear breathable materials or loose Yoga clothing.


In a perfect world, having all props would be great. But like mentioned before, if we are just testing the waters it is good not to spend so much on your props other than the yoga mat — it is your inevitable partner in this practice. Nevertheless, all these props are made for its purpose — to make you safe, help you enjoy and give you the full benefit in your practice. Consider trying it with the few alternative materials I have suggested. Remember, be safe.


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  1. This is a very good article, reading it I realized that there is no more excuses to practice yoga. The list of items needed for exercise is not big, not too expensive, and you give me good alternative for Yoga brick. If we want the best for ourselves, our body and spirit, we will practice yoga and now we know how little we need for it.

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