About Me

About Me

Welcome to myyogapassion website. A center for health and wellness conscious individual who are busy in their lives and don’t have much time to go to the gym.


My name is Brian. I am an entertainer who is passionate on keeping fit and healthy by doing various activities on my own or with my friends. I do not eat “only healthy food”. I believe in the notion that our body needs to know which is bad and good food. So I do eat some junk food as well. But generally I watch what I eat.

Before I became a singer and entertainer, I have taught dance and competed in DanceSport for over a decade and have traveled to many places and countries for the love of dance sport. I enjoyed it so much that up this day I still wish I could do it again.

Dance and health is my passion. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Dance and a diploma in Exercise and Sports Science with concentration in Dance.


Dancing and exercise has always been very helpful in keeping my fitness level and health. At 43, I still maintain the same weighed and waistline as when I was in my 20s and 30s. This is even when I stopped actively competing and dancing. My friends always asked me my secret. Thus, I wan to share it here in my website the things I love to do to keep healthy.


In this age of technology where everyone is so busy working to make a living and at the same time look after the family most of the time we lose the time to look after ourselves. Or even if we want to go and exercise our body is not equipped or capable of doing so because of physical problem or we simply have no time to go to the gym. My goal is to help you find ways to be healthy despite all the challenges.

Thank you very much for visiting my website.

If you have any questions about me, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below or email me atĀ brian@myyogapassion.com


All the best,



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